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Cloudwave LLC. is a dual internet exchange site built off of broadband radio waves and Denver’s vast fiber optic network. The Cloudwave Internet Exchange provides an infinite layer of network reliability for clients connecting their businesses directly to consumers through blended bandwidth, provided by wireless broadband and direct access to Denver's communications. 

Cloudwave IX | Denver

  • Internet Exchange

  • Colocation

  • Broadband ISP Solutions

  • Cloud Infrastructure

Cloudwave | Colorado Springs

  • Liquid Cooled Colocation - Available Rack Space

  • Liquid Cooled Crypto Servers

  • Direct Connections to Cloudwave IX in Denver

Data center consulting and design solutions for the new generation of the internet and ai.

Data Center 1 - The Link, 930 St., Denver, Colorado (October 2024, under construction)

Main Internet Exchange - "Cloud 1"

910 Telecom, Denver, Colorado - Cloudwave IX Node1

1500 Champa St. Denver, Colorado - Cloudwave IX Node 2

Thornton, Colorado - Cloudwave IX Node 3

Colorado Springs, Colorado - Cloudwave IX Node 4 and Liquid Cooled Data Center

LOA's Coming Soon.

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